Let us introduce you to SOHRA OVERSEAS FZE.

The main line of our business is promotion and sales of the Republic of Belarus industrial complex products (heavy-duty vehicles, tractors, mining dump trucks, high-tech specialized vehicles, tyres, etc.) on the markets of Africa and the Arabian Gulf. Moreover, SOHRA OVERSEAS FZE is dealing with supplies of construction materials and foodstuffs.

Today SOHRA OVERSEAS FZE is a recognized professional in providing a wide range of machinery: trucks, loaders, tractors and spare parts.

Let us provide you an outlook of our company’s activity:

  • MAZ-MAN JSC, Belarusian-German joint venture, was founded with the purpose of production of European class modern heavy-duty trucks for regional and international transport. Since 2005 in addition to heavy vehicles MAZ-MAN JSC has been manufacturing wheel loaders for different spheres, e.g. agriculture, construction, public works, as well as operations in storages and greenhouse facilities.

ВМЕ-1015 is multipurpose all-wheel drive vehicle, designed for transportation people and equipment, repair, emergency and rescue works in different road and weather conditions  mostly on dirt roads and  rugged terrain including a virgin snow, sand, soil cover unfrozen tundra  and swamps.

  • «BELAZ-HOLDING» (OJSC «BELAZ») is a major world manufacturer of mine dump trucks of heavy-duty and super-size load capacity, as well as other heavy vehicles, being used in mining and constructing industry. BELAZ equipment is produced with the aid of time-proven engineering solutions during its design development and on the basis of advanced manufacturing technologies.

  •  «MTW» (Minsk Tractor Works) is world’s largest tractor manufacturer. The plant occupies a key position in providing scientific and technical progress in agricultural production. MTW tractors are recognized all over the world primarily because of their service reliability, ease of operation, availability of maintenance and reasonable prices.

  • «IRRIDIO MOTORS» is our partner in the field of financial support for the Client. It is a part of  Balkan Advisory Company Investment Banking holding. “Irridio Motors” offers extensive cooperation in the development of sales of Belarusian heavy equipment on the basis of international leasing.

  •  «AMKODOR» holding is one of the leading manufacturers of road construction, utilities, snow removal, airport, timber, agricultural and other specialized machinery and equipment in the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries. Upholding "Quality and Reliability" as the most important management policy, Amkodor is resolutely committed to providing safe, innovative products and services that meet the needs and expectations of its customers around the world.

  • «MAZ» (Minsk Automobile Plant) manufactures heavy-duty trucks and buses. «MAZ» is a brand that has won recognition not only in Belarus, but also far beyond. Minsk Automobile Plant manufactures equipment that meets requirements of Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5 ecological standards. MAZ truck comes with chassis that are designed for installation of various body superstructures and equipment like wagons, tanks, refrigerators, municipal equipment, cranes, constructional equipment, concrete mixers and other equipment.

In addition to heavy equipment, SOHRA OVERSEAS FZE is a nutritional food trader. Apart from heavy industry products, we can offer milk powder and frozen food items produced in Belarus. All food items are prepared and packed according to the highest food safety and hygiene standards and comply with specific requirements for GCC standards. Besides, food items can be named with the respective Brand name required by the Customer.

Considering the influence of our company and long-term partnership relations with the major enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, we are ready to provide assistance in resolving of various issues and organization of deliveries of Belarusian products at a totally new level.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we kindly request you to review and propose options and directions of cooperation between our companies in order to establish mutually beneficial partnership.