BME-Diesel generators


BME-Diesel Company was founded in 2002. The first products of the company were diesel-generators of 40 and 60 kVA power with the Minsk Motor Plant engines. During our development, we have acquired extensive experience and have built up a wide range of production facilities: gasoline, diesel generators and pumps in a wide range of capacities and in different implementions.

Open performance

Diesel generators of open implementation are designed to be fixed and exploited in the specially designed room, in which ventilation, equipment protection and optimal temperature conditions will be fulfilled.

Housing performance

Weatherproof and soundproof cover is designed to protect the diesel generator from adverse weather conditions, and to reduce the engine noise. All «BME-Diesel» diesel-generator sets can have housing performance.

Housing on a trailer

«BME-Diesel» produces mobile diesel generators using specialized trailers of different carrying capacity. Trailers are determined by a diesel generators capacity mounted on them, operating conditions and customer requirements.

Housing on a trailer with lighting mast

The movable diesel generator with light mast is an automatic electrical source with the ability to illuminate the area with powerful search-lights from up to 9 m height. «BME-Diesel» produces several models of trailer diesel generators due to their increasing popularity. 

Container housing

BME-Diesel offers 4 and 6 meter specially equipped containers for diesel generators installation. The containers are specially equipped for diesel generators to be installed into them. 

Container housing on a trailer

The choice of a trailer is designated by the power capacity of a diesel generator to be installed on it, operation conditions of a movable set and customer’s wishes. The trailers for movable sets are certificated and have Vehicle Approval, if the permissible speed of the trailer is 80-90 km/h.