Bobruiskagromash is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Baltic States.  Open Joint-Stock Company "Bobruiskagromash" has been producing quality and reliable machinery for the agricultural sector for more than 30 years. Nowadays we has serial production of almost 70 types of trailer-type and mounted machines for organic and mineral fertilizer application, for forage conservation, storing and distribution, for flax harvesting, dump trailers for tractors of different drawbar categories, and other specialized agricultural machinery and weighing equipment.

Machine for liquid organic fertilizer application (manure transportation barrel) MJT-F-6

The advantages of «PALESSE FS80» combine:
The liquid organic fertilizer application machine MJT-F-6 is designed for self-loading, transportation, mixing and overall surface distribution of liquid organic fertilizers as well as for transportation of process water and car washing, firefighting, road washing, etc.

Machine for solid organic fertilizer application MTT-9

The machine MTT-9 is designed for solid organic fertilizer as well as for transportation of various agricultural loads in the unit with a tractor. The machines are equipped with a transporter reversible hydraulic drive.

Machine for mineral fertilizer application MTT-4U

The machine is designed for surface application of main doses of solid mineral fertilizers in granulated or crystallized form. It’s possible to use the machine for powdered chemicals application (dolomite powder, lime). Привод транспортера и разбрасывающих дисков - механический от ВОМ трактора. The transporter and spreading discs drive is mechanical from PTO tractor.

Tractor trailer 2PTS-4,5

Special tractor trailer 2PTS-4,5 is designed for transportation of various agricultural and bulk cargo, organic fertilizers with the bulk density up to 1,6 t/m³ with back and two sides unloading. It is equipped with pneumatic brakes. Trailer unloading is performed by a hydraulic cylinder, which is located in the center of the load platform.

Feed distributor KRF-10

The feed distributor is designed for transportation and one side distribution of chopped leaf-and-stem corn mass, legume grass, silage, hay, haylage or feed mixtures. The feed distribution is performed in cattle summer camps, near loafing areas and stock-breeding buildings with feed passage of 2,2m wide and not less than 2,6 high, and with bunk height not more than 0,75m.

Special semi-trailer PS-45

The semi-trailer is designed for taking and transportation of chopped forage crops from forage harvesters as well as their delivery to storage place and rear unloading by the conveyor or loading of the silage and haylage packer USM-1 or similar machines into the receiving hopper.

Tipping trailer PSTB-17

Tipping trailer PSTB-17 is designed for transportation of various agricultural loads, hay, root-crops with two side unloading. The trailer drive system consists of a balance cart and the front axle, connected to the chassis with the turning device. The control of all mechanisms and systems, except the parking brake, locking latches of the body and the sides, is carried out from the tractor cab.

Mounted disk mower KDN-210

The mower is designed for mowing down natural and seeded grasses, including heavy-yielding and laid grass, and for making swaths with mown mass. The mower is applied in all areas, except mountainous, on leveled meadows without stones, protruding from the ground for more than 30 mm.

The mower is aggregated with tractors of 0,9 and 1,4 drawbar category, equipped with three-pointed rear hitch system with PTO revolution rate 540 rpm.

Segmented-finger mower КSP-2,1

The mower is designed for mowing on flat areas and is used to work with natural and sown grasses. This mower is driven by the use of PTO, belonging to the 0,6-1,4 drawbar category (is aggregated with a tractor by weighing method).

Round baler PR-F-180

The beltless round baler with fixed chamber is designed for picking up and pressing into rolls windrows of natural and sown-grass hay, straw, with following twine wrapping. Twine feeding is provided by an electric drive. The PR-F-180B version is equipped with an automatic control system (SAC) that gives the possibility of monitoring the functioning of the baler mechanisms and remote control of technological process.