Minsk Electrotechnical plant named after V.I. Kozlov

Today Minsk Electrotechnical plant is one of the world leaders in the field of production of power transformers and various electropanel board devices. We produce a wide range of engineering equipment:

• Power transformers: dry-type (25…2500 kVA) and oil-immersed (16…2500 kVA); 

• Integrated transformer stations (16…1600 kVA); 

• Multi-purpose transformers (до 40 kVA); 

• Instrument current transformers 0,66 (10…4000 А);

• Underground steelwork cathodic protection unit.

The produced items meet ISO-9001, ISO-14 001, ISO-17 025 and ISO 18 001 International Quality Standards, which guarantee their reliability and ecological safety. 

The team of professionals always works on the improvement of technical parameters of the products and their visual attractiveness, their accord with the demands of modern users. 


Collecting chambers of one-side service KSO-METZ-310 are used for taking and distributing electrical energy of three-phase alternating current of the frequency of 50 Hz voltage up to 10 kV in the networks with isolated or compensated neutral and uses for the completing of distributing devices of the closed transformer stations and distribution points. KSO-METZ-310 cameras are made on the basis loading switch of KLS (KLFS) series, and also OM (ОМВ) loading switch.