NOV «FIDMASH» enterprise is a developer and producer of innovative production – unique oil and gas equipment, including coiled tubing equipment (units for well repair and lateral holes drilling using flexible steel pipe), complexes and separate components for hydraulic fracturing, cementing equipment, auxiliary equipment for well stimulation and directional drilling. The equipment produced by the company is based on all-wheel drive chassis of cross-country capacity.

Equipment sales geography includes Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. The production of NOV «FIDMASH» is used successfully by such widely known oil and gas producing companies as Lukoil, Gazprom, Rpsneft, Surgutneftegaz, Tatneft, Bashneft, Ukrnafta, Ukrgazdobycha and others.

COILED TUBING UNITS МК10Т-10, МК10Т-30, МК20Т-20, МК20Т-50, МК30Т-10, МК30Т-30, МК30Т-40, МК30Т-50, МКЗ0Т-60, МК40Т

Are designed for the implementation of round-trip and technological operations using coiled tubing under the major, running repair and intensification of oil and gas wells at small and medium depths (elimination of hydrated, paraffin, sand sediments and plugs, acid treatment of bottom-hole area, etc.), wells survey without their muffling with a pressure on the pressurizing mouth to 70 MPa, and for the performance of operations on the drilling of lateral tracks and horizontal wells, and hydraulic fracturing.


The units are designed deparaffination operations, cleaning of frozen downstream lines and other technological operations, requiring pumping of hot process liquids and for the blow-down of downstream lines after the completion of operations involving liquids. The units can also be used as part of coiled tubing complexes for carrying out sand and paraffin plugs washing, cementing operations, waterway isolation, acid treatment and well reclamation, other repair operations on all-type wells under the pressure of up to 70 MPa.


Are designed for pumping various types of liquids into the well during hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas formations as part of the fleet, and for well flushing-out operations, abrasive jet processing of bottom-hole zone and hydraulic pressure testing.


The unit is designed for continuous making of process liquids and mixtures based on solid free-flowing component (proppant), liquid and dry chemical agents, and for subsequent feed of prepared liquids and solutions to pump units during hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas fractions as part of hydraulic fracturing complex.


The unit is designed for gel preparation directly during hydraulic fracturing operations. The basis of gels is made by mixes of liquids and powder gelling agents of chemical reagents. The current technologies used for the improvement of the production process, in which the hydration equipment is involved, allow achieving high results of productivity and high quality of the work done.


They are based on the evaporative type technology and are used together with the equipment intended for the work with flexible pipes. Such system provides transformation of nitrogen from the liquid state to the gaseous state, and also gives gaseous nitrogen at the situation of excessive pressure. It is possible to install this block on the semi-trailer, the semi-wire chassis or any other transport base. The thermoisolated cabin equipped with hot-air heating guarantees convenient work of the operator, and the equipment itself can be protected by rolledens while its storing.


The unit is designed for placing, transportation and installation of equipment providing connection of mixing and pumping units between themselves and to the well during hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas formations as part of special complex equipment. The application field is hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas formations as part of hydraulic fracturing complex.


The unit is designed for the preparation of process liquid and its pressure supply to the well during drilling and capital repairs, and during other washover and displacement operations on oil and gas wells.


It is designed for the control of hydraulic fracturing process, setting job parameters, collection and analysis of real-time data during hydraulic fracturing.


The units are designed for transportation down the roads of different quality, and high-speed dosed supply of bulky materials from the tank of a loaded unit to the input device of mixing machines on a well site during hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas formations as part of the fleet.