The «Gomselmash» holding is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, ranking among the world market leaders of combine harvesters and other complexes of agricultural machines.

Today «Gomselmash» OJSC is a modern multi-manufacturer producing lineups of grain and forage harvesters, ear corn and potato-picking harvesters, mowers and other agricultural machinery under the brand name «PALESSE».

Agricultural equipment «PALESSE» is 9 types of farm machinery, 23 basic models, 26 model types, 48 adapters and units for harvesting different agricultural crops. Agricultural producers with any acreage and crops can choose from these machines a set of most effective models under their conditions.

With a full range of modern production technologies «Gomselmash» independently produces the main parts and components for combine harvesters. It provides an opportunity to control the quality, to produce different types of machines at the same time, to maintain reasonable prices for the products.

Combine harvesters "PALESSE» are running in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltics, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, China, South Korea and other countries.

Grain harvesting combine «PALESSE GS16»

By its performance «PALESSE GS16» combine harvester ranks the top level in model range of PALESSE combines. The combine of modern technical level with a 530 hp engine is designed for farms with large volume of harvesting of high-yielding cereals, grains, legumes and other threshed crops.

Grain harvesting combine «PALESSE GS14»

«PALESSE GS14» is a 1700 mm wide threshing device, threshing optimization by pre-accelerating of grain mass flow, long 6-keys straw shaker of impressive area (7,5 m2), 400 hp engine power with great motor capacity. On the assumption of these parameters experts already understand that it is a powerful and heavy-duty combine harvester for harvesting large areas of high-yielding grain crops as well as wide range of other threshed crops.

High-producing forage harvesting complex «PALESSE FS8060»

Forage harvesting complex «PALESSE FS8060» is a powerful machine that best suits large agricultural enterprises, focused on a high level of animal farming development. Well-designed construction, details and components produced on up-to-date equipment, components from best suppliers are the basis for maximum performance of the combines in various actions.

Automotive forage combine harvester «PALESSE FS80»

«PALESSE FS80» is effectively used on the farms with medium and large volumes of forage. With its powerful direct drive of the feeding unit from the engine crankshaft the combine achieves balance between throughput and power consumption. The performance of the combine also increases due to direct-flow line of chopped silage.

Automotive forage combine harvester «PALESSE FS60»

«PALESSE FS60» made itself a name as a value and affordable model for wide use. The combine produces silage, haylage and green forage. For higher working stability the feed device unit system is included in the basic configuration. When metal or stone detector gives an alarm automatic controls immediately switch off the rolls and prevent breaking.

Forage harvesting complex K-G-6

PALESSE K-G-6 consists of universal power unit PALESSE 2U280, 2U250 or U280 and semi-mounted forage harvesting combine «PALESSE FH40» with adapter kit.

The complex is available in two modifications: PALESSE FH40 and PALESSE FH40А. If the combine is used for harvesting corn for silage, it will be better to choose PALESSE FH40А with the device of active type for regrinding of wax and full ripeness corn. During grass harvesting the crusher unit is demounted and replaced with its spacer plate with smooth walls. If the harvester reaps only grass, it will be useful to purchase the PALESSE FH40 modification without the corn crusher unit.

Pull-type forage harvesting combine «PALESSE FT40»

Pull-type forage harvesting combine «PALESSE FT40» is used for mowing down corn, especially in wax and full ripeness stages, сsorghum, sunflower, and other tall-stalked crops, for mowing down grass and picking up from swaths lightly dried and natural grass with their chopping and loading into the vehicles.

«PALESSE FT40» is equipped with a pull-type chopper, rotor-type header for rough-stemmed crops harvesting, grass harvesting header and a pick-up.

Mounted rotor mower-shredder «PALESSE СН15»

Mounted rotary mower-shredder “PALESSE СН15» with a working width 1,5 m consumes the power of 55 hp. Light and maneuver mower-shredder prepares at least 18 tons of chopped mass per 1 hour, therefore it provides minimal prime cost of grass prepared for green forage. Besides grass cutting, the mower can be used for mowing potato foliage. Outbreak accelerator and revolving silage duct are other important advantages of the machine. L-shaped knives are fixed on the “PALESSE СН15» rotor. They do not damage the roots of the plants, reducing the pollution of forage and increasing the yield capacity of the following mowed crops. The possibility of joining a tractor, a mower and a trailer enables to reduce the number of vehicles for masses transportation.

Cotton-harvesting machine HMP-1,8

Cotton harvesting machine HMP-1,8, aggregated with МТЗ-80Х tractor is designed for harvesting upland raw cotton from opened boxes of cotton drill planted afield in the area of irrigated cotton growing with row spacing of 90 cm.

The machine is equipped with stalk crowders, which provide the best cut of cotton plant and transport them into the cotton-picking device, where cotton is separated from bushes. Then the cotton moves to the tanker with the help of air-flow.

Soybean harvesting headers JZS-6 and JZS-7

The headers are used for soybean, spiked cereals, grain legumes, cereal crops and provide minimal losses of seeds while soybean harvesting. Regarding working tools and structural components the headers are maximally unified with grain headers, which are mass-produced by the holding. The difference between them is that soybean headers have adaptable cutter bar, which copies field contour and provides the height of the cut from 30 to 50 mm full-width.

Sunflower harvesting headers PS-8 and PS-12

PS-8 and PS-12 headers are used for sunflower harvesting. The main features of these harvesters are high productivity and careful attitude to sunflower seeds. The headers are equally effective in all cultivation areas both in harvesting tall and low-growing sorts. The headers can pick up sunflower heads located even at a height of 600 mm.

Cultivator hiller ridger

Cultivator hiller ridger is designed for preparing high quality seedbed, making rows on the ridges and laying technologic with inter-rows width of 70 or 75 cm. The ridges with nose-body and rolling breasts, devices for preparing seedbed and hydroficated marker shoe are used in this model.

The cultivator provides weed destruction by ridge augmentation by 30 cm, maintaining of soil friability in the ridges till harvesting. By these means the increase of the yield by 15% and high productivity of potato harvesters are achieved.  The cultivator is aggregated with the tractors of 1,4 drawbar category (MTZ 80/82).