Motorcycles Hors

We offer a wide range of motorcycles: scooters, motor scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs. All our equipment is certified and complies with European safety standards. Each purchase is accompanied by a set of instruments and spare parts. The guarantee on all products - 2 years.

HORS-060 tricycle

HORS 060 tricycle is well-suitable both for countryside, and urban area. It is very convenient to transport loads, a body of dumping type (manual), with two sides and rear unloading.

Hors 057 moped

Hors 057, a moped with the design of the motorcycle, is an interesting decision of the producer. This model is positioned as a more youth model of a moped, in comparison with Hors Alfa and Hors Alfa XL. 

HORS 158 scooter

Hors 158 is one of the top-selling models of the last seasons. Hors 158 is a very capacious and convenient model for movement with a passenger. A luggage carrier of impressive sizes under the seat, strengthened back shock-absorbers, representative external look, a reliable and economic engine.

HORS 035

Planning outdoor activities? Prefer to have a rest far from comfortable roads and all the blessings of civilization? The original all-terrain vehicle Hors 035 will help you to move without restrictions on the district where there are no asphalt covering.

HORS B-250

Bright look, impressive parameters, exceptional controllability, sports nature — HORS B-250 is an effective representative of the STREET line. HORS B-250 is a joint development of leading Belarusian and European experts. The comfortable seat of a streamline shape, bird’s cage type frame, rear brake disk of a fashionable «wavy» shape, light weight, which gives an advantage while turning corners and guarantees magnificent controllability, and, of course, low cost are indisputable advantages, which draw attention of young drivers.