IRRIDIO ventilation recuperative units

Ventilation systems on the basis of IRRIDIO ventilation recuperative units are used for the organization in the rooms of 100% full replacement of exhaust air by fresh cleaned air from the street, despite weather conditions and low outside temperatures.

In IRRIDIO units plated heat exchangers with membrane material are used, and thanks to them not only warmth goes back to the room, but also up to 80% of humidity. This provides healthy atmosphere in the rooms in winter and considerably lowers moisturization costs, because the existing level of humidity remain almost unchanged. Recuperators of rotor type or the ones with a simple metal heat exchanger move the humidity outside. A special expensive modification of rotor heat exchanger with a hygroscopic cover on the drum, which allows taking back about 30-40% of humidity, is an exception, and it is rarely seen on our market.

Three plated heat exchangers are used in IRRIDIO units, and thanks to that the meeting in one recuperator of fresh air flows at the temperature down to -35°С and exhaust moisture-laden air of +20°С is excluded. In centralized input-extract warmth recuperation units of other manufacturers stable work without frosting down to maximum open-air temperature of -15°С is guaranteed, and this is quite sufficient for western European countries.

The material used in the heat exchangers of IRRIDIO ventilation units is ultrathin vapor-permeable membrane of 28 um thickness with special characteristics in extreme situations: with high humidity or frost it doesn’t soak and crack, but strengthens and tightens. 

Thanks to the ultrathin membrane and expanded sizes of heat-exchanging cassettes, maximum square of heat exchanging has been reached and the speed of air movements in the heat-exchanger has been reduced. This allowed achieving the maximum results of effective smooth and equable warmth recuperation and humidity exchange. 

Membrane’s characteristics:
- Thickness: 1.2 g/cm3
- Vapor transfer (at 35°С/90%) > 40 kg/m2/d   
- Breathability < 0.05cm3/cm2/min/kPa

There are no moving parts in IRRIDIO units, air flows are completely divided and don’t mix. In rotor recuperators in the center of the unit there is a moving drum made of aluminum leaf with electric drill, and blending of air flows from 5 to 15% can be observed, and as a result smells can be transferred. Moreover, at temperatures about -10° С on the fibers, separating air flows, small pieces of ice are formed and they make the ringing sound, adjoining to a moving drum. 

In input-extract IRRIDIO ventilation units with warmth recuperation and humidity restitution condensed water is not formed, that’s why there is no need for drainage. Therefore they can be installed in any plane and inclined to it. In the recuperators with metal heat exchanger, because of the existence of drainage, the units are divided into ceiling embedded, horizontal and vertical.

Innovative EC-technology used by IRRIDIO in the feeding of ventilators engines EBM PAPST from the leading German ventilator manufacturer in Europe, thanks to special electronic filling emulates three-phase feeding for ventilator motor-winding together with a special working pattern.

Due to this factor and a special design of the impeller with conversely bent blades, the productivity of the ventilators increases and this allows saving up to 50% of electric power in comparison with usual asynchronous motors. Moreover, ventilation units fitted with EC-ventilators make far less noise, because they have built-in engines. 

The body frame of ventilation unit is airproof. In its production reliable and effective solutions are used. These solutions don’t allow the formation of cold bridges and therefore condensed water formation. 

While making the frame high-quality aluminum extrusion with anodizing is used. This makes premium trade dress for the product and protects the aluminum from corrosion.  

Sandwich-panels, from which the walls of the frame are made, consist of two steel sheets with a width of 0,5 mm,  covered with AlZn for multilevel steel protection from corrosion, and cover painted polyester PE, which endures low temperatures well, and a layer of PIR heat proof between them. They are made on ultramodern automatic Italian line of continuous fabrication, which provide a high quality of the products and absence of defects, hollows and cavities.  

Unique cover cut of IRRIDIO units provides double seal for maximum effective heat proof while closing. Appearing isolated air layer with a thickness of 40 mm is a reliable barrier for low temperatures. 

Sound protection of firewalls from noise and vibration is used in the units. Multilayer feeling made of sound-protective materials K-Fonik of different thickness with a total thickness of 23 mm, considerably lowers the noise of the working tools. 

All the technologies and construction features have led to a stable temperature efficiency of recuperation by 75-95%, depending on temperature and humidity conditions outside and inside. And this means refusal of the necessary equipage of IRRIDIO ventilation units, which already have warmth recuperation and humidity and humidity restitution, with water or electric heaters for air warming in a standard package. And this rule is unchangeable for the model of any productivity from 200 to 10 000 m3/h.

Filter material usually has:

- fungicide, 

- antivirus,

  antimicrobial characteristics, which save during 2 years.  

   During IRRIDIO units’ technical lifetime, it is necessary to examine them every 2-5 months and once at 6-12 months to replace the filters of input or exhaust air. The heat exchangers are designed for the whole durability and they don’t need to be replaced. 

Due to carefully designed construction and the use of high-quality materials, IRRIDIO ventilation units can be installed on unheated balconies or attics at a temperature of +50°С...-25°С.

The possibilities of integrated automatic control system over input-extract IRRIDIO units:

- To control the speed of the ventilators (10 speeds);

- To control the level of filters’ pollution by light and sound alarm on electronic touch control console;

- To carry out the operation over outer screens drives; 

- Automatic PID-regulation of heater power for heating the air up to the given temperature from +5°С to +30°С for electric hearer (smoothly and with additional steps) and from +15°С to +30°С for water heater (both 3-position and with 0-10В drive);

- To carry out the display of sensor values on input, given and exhaust air;

- The conclusion of the current values of temperatures in the built-in schedule (with the possibility of time scaling); 

- Multilevel protection from water heater freezing (if there is a water heater after a recuperator in the intake duct). Automation system controls the temperature of the heater, the air and water surrounding it with three independent transducers, which excludes the possibility of heater defrosting in cold seasons because of the defect of one of them. 

- To use a week timer for programming the working pattern (temperature, productivity, switch-on/switch-off) of the input unit at weekdays at the given time (up to 4 commands during a day);

- “North start” function. Step-by-step increase of ventilator speed from the first one to the chosen one after switching on the ventilator. Relevant at low temperatures of input air; 

- The connection to the “smart house” system with a standard Modbus RTU protocol. The control over input-extract unit and other devices using  SCADA system;

- Remote control ("outer stop" switch-on/ switch-off, "fire" – emergency shutdown) of the input unit from such outer devices as hydrostat, carbon dioxide transducer, fire alarm, air quality transducer and others; 

- To carry out the operation over the outer damp, freon coolant, water coolant, gas heater and others; 

- To use the function “System automatic start”.  At failures and recoveries of feeding the input unit will start working in the same mode it had been working before switching off.