M1NSK motorcycles

Minsk motorcycles rapidly gaining popularity both in the USSR and in foreign markets. They has been delivered to the 45 countries, and the total number exceeded 6.5 million.

In 2007 Motovelo became the private company. New state-of-the-industry models go into production. Unveled M1NSK logo echoes the name of the first motorcycle.

Today, the factory can boast a full production cycle and it's own R&D center.

Another milestone of the brand was the Brest-Dushanbe 10,000 km rally organized in cooperation with the CSTO and run in 2013 by three M1NSK TRX 300. In 2014 М1NSK recieved People's brand Award in Belarus.

M1NSK is the only mass motorcycle brand on the today's market which has the State quality mark of the USSR.

M1NSK М-125

Light and durable, easy and undemanding M1NSK М-125 will be perfectly suitably for a country driving. It’s a real battle horse, which is easily saddled: it’s nice to learn driving on such motorcycle!

M1NSK C4 250

Fast, durable, reliable in running M1NSK C4 250 is a motorcycle for everyday use, which is equally good for both urban trips and long journeys. Rate the powerful engine, grippy brakes, comfortable classic position and ergonomic qualities.

TRX 300i

Designed for long-distance travels, the new TRX 300i combines all the qualities of the European Tour Enduro motorcycle, and opens a new page in the history of M1NSK brand. Its practicality and excellent reliability were proven in Брест-Душанбе motocross with the total length of 10.000 km. Three M1NSK TRX successfully covered the whole distance range and excellently approved themselves in a variety of road conditions. 


M1NSK RX 250 has the best qualities of racing motocross bikes. The bike has an excellent dynamics, optimal weight distribution between the axles, and professional motocross suspension with the possibility of customization. Light weight and powerful engine provide excellent specific capacity of 255 ph/t. the motorcycle features high quality and branded accessories of the world-known manufacturers: Leo Vince silencer, Acerbis plastic, Dell’Orto carburetor, Domino controls, DID chain and Fast Ace suspension.