This section describes the products manufactured based on organic and mineral substances, such as peat, humin, lignin, various amino acids, trace elements, etc.

All the products described in this section are manufactured in the Republic of Belarus, laboratory tested and meets all the necessary requirements for certification and standardization.

Sohra Group LLC and Sohra Overseas FZE are official dealers of all the products described in this section.

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Special formulae and compositions that stimulate fruit and vegetable growth are used to optimize crop nutrition in agriculture. Plant growth stimulants are organic formulations containing biologically active substances: vitamins, acids, proteins, amino acids, minerals, peptides, polysaccharides. 


Soil conditioners are products of deep peat refining that contain full range of microelements B, Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni, S, Se, Si, Zn, natural lignin and humin, humic, fulvic and amino acids, as well as natural NPK complex.


Lately, the global fertilizing and agricultural market tendencies have shifted from the priority position of single-component chemical and mineral fertilizers, particularly such as potassium chloride. 


Sorbents are used as standard means for environmental safety – for example, at filling stations, for purification of industrial water used in industry. Moreover, sorbents are used to eliminate consequences of oil spills.