This section describes the products manufactured based on organic and mineral substances, such as peat, humin, lignin, various amino acids, trace elements, etc. All the products described in this section are manufactured in the Republic of Belarus, laboratory tested and meets all the necessary requirements for certification and standardization.


«BELAZ-HOLDING» (OJSC «BELAZ») is a major world manufacturer of mine dump trucks of heavy-duty and super-size load capacity, as well as other heavy vehicles, being used in mining and constructing industry. BELAZ equipment is produced with the aid of time-proven engineering solutions during its design development and on the basis of advanced manufacturing technologies.


HUNTA – a unique overcomer for moving in hard road conditions: snow, sand, backwater, cold desert, water... HUNTA is multipurpose all-wheel drive vehicle, designed for transportation people and equipment, repair, emergency and rescue works in different road and weather conditions  mostly on dirt roads and  rugged terrain including a virgin snow, sand, soil cover unfrozen tundra  and swamps.


«MAZ» (Minsk Automobile Plant) manufactures heavy-duty trucks and buses. «MAZ» is a brand that has won recognition not only in Belarus, but also far beyond. Minsk Automobile Plant manufactures equipment that meets requirements of Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5 ecological standards. MAZ truck comes with chassis that are designed for installation of various body superstructures and equipment like wagons, tanks, refrigerators, municipal equipment, cranes, constructional equipment, concrete mixers and other equipment.


 «AMKODOR» holding is one of the leading manufacturers of road construction, utilities, snow removal, airport, timber, agricultural and other specialized machinery and equipment in the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries. Upholding "Quality and Reliability" as the most important management policy, Amkodor is resolutely committed to providing safe, innovative products and services that meet the needs and expectations of its customers around the world.


«MTW» (Minsk Tractor Works) is world’s largest tractor manufacturer. The plant occupies a key position in providing scientific and technical progress in agricultural production. MTW tractors are recognized all over the world primarily because of their service reliability, ease of operation, availability of maintenance and reasonable prices.


The «Gomselmash» holding is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, ranking among the world market leaders of combine harvesters and other complexes of agricultural machines.


Bobruiskagromash is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Baltic States.  Open Joint-Stock Company "Bobruiskagromash" has been producing quality and reliable machinery for the agricultural sector for more than 30 years. 


NOV «FIDMASH» enterprise is a developer and producer of innovative production – unique oil and gas equipment, including coiled tubing equipment (units for well repair and lateral holes drilling using flexible steel pipe), complexes and separate components for hydraulic fracturing, cementing equipment, auxiliary equipment for well stimulation and directional drilling. 


Today Minsk Electrotechnical plant is one of the world leaders in the field of production of power transformers and various electropanel board devices.

M1NSK motorcycles

Minsk motorcycles rapidly gaining popularity both in the USSR and in foreign markets. They has been delivered to the 45 countries, and the total number exceeded 6.5 million. M1NSK is the only mass motorcycle brand on the today's market which has the State quality mark of the USSR.

Motorcycles Hors

We offer a wide range of motorcycles: scooters, motor scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs. All our equipment is certified and complies with European safety standards. Each purchase is accompanied by a set of instruments and spare parts. The guarantee on all products - 2 years.

BME-Diesel generators

BME-DIESEL — BELARUSSIAN MANUFACTURER OF GENSETS AND PUMPS. BME-Diesel Company was founded in 2002. During our development, we have acquired extensive experience and have built up a wide range of production facilities: gasoline, diesel generators and pumps in a wide range of capacities and in different implementions.

IRRIDIO ventilation recuperative units

«IRRIDIO MOTORS» is our partner in the field of financial support for the Client. It is a part of  Balkan Advisory Company Investment Banking holding. “Irridio Motors” offers extensive cooperation in the development of sales of Belarusian heavy equipment on the basis of international leasing.


Велосипеды AIST - продукция ОАО «Мотовело», одного из ведущих производителей вело- и мототехники на территории СНГ.

История велосипедной марки AIST, объединившей за более чем 65 лет не одно поколение любителей велосипедов, ведет отсчет с 1947 года. За всю историю под этой маркой было продано более 55 миллионов велосипедов.

Industrial mechanical metalworking

SOHRA group of companies was founded in Belarus. Today we run business in different European Union countries such as Lithuania, Romania, as well as in Eurasian Economic Union and CIS countries. The main line of our business is exports of Belarusian products (trucks, busses, tractors, loaders, mining dump trucks, agricultural and high-tech machinery, tires, ventilation systems, etc.).