Industrial mechanical metalworking

SOHRA group of companies was founded in Belarus. Today we run business in different European Union countries such as Lithuania, Romania, as well as in Eurasian Economic Union and CIS countries. The main line of our business is exports of Belarusian products (trucks, busses, tractors, loaders, mining dump trucks, agricultural and high-tech machinery, tires, ventilation systems, etc.).

Tanks and vessels

∙ internal waterproofing using oil-petrol-resistant enamel
Tanks for various purposes:
∙ cubic capacity: 0.1 m3 – 5000 m3
∙ vertical, horizontal, double-walled
∙ filling of space between the walls with antifreeze or nitrogen
∙ internal waterproofing using oil-petrol-resistant enamel

Large-sized chimneys made of thick-walled low-alloy steel

Ultrasonic inspection of tightness of welded joints, liquid penetrant testing using chemical penetrants
Delivery of oversized products by own automobile transport

Cutting of sheet metal

Laser-beam cutting BYSTRONIC BYSTAR 3015 0.2–25mm:
∙ black steel (up to 25mm)
∙ stainless steel (up to 20mm)
∙ aluminum / duralumin (up to 12mm)
∙ brass (up to 6mm)

Table dimensions: 1.5m×3m
Plasma arc cutting ESAB Suprarex SXE-P 3500 25–50mm:
∙ black steel, “punching” (up to 35mm)
∙ “separating” (up to 50mm)
∙ gas-oxygen cutting (50–200mm)

Table dimensions: 2m×6m

Bending of sheet metal

∙ press BYSTRONIC Xite 80 (effort 80 tons, table length 2000 mm)
∙ press BYSTRONIC Xpert 320 (effort 320 tons, table length 4000 mm)

Industrial mechanical metalworking

Horizontal-boring work:
∙ processing of body parts up to 10m long and height of 3m, weight up to 25 tons
∙ processing of ends in slots, receiving conical holes, milling at angles.
Milling work for processing surfaces as follows:
∙ horizontal
∙ vertical
∙ inclined
∙ profiled
∙ ledges and grooves of various profiles

Lathe work:
∙ turning of the outer and inner surfaces
∙ turning of the tapered surfaces
∙ trimming of ends
∙ grooving
∙ drilling of holes
∙ reaming
∙ countersinking
∙ thread cutting
Turning-and-boring processing:
∙ lathe for processing large parts up to 4 m in diameter
∙ whetting
∙ boring of cylindrical and conical surfaces
∙ facing
∙ groove milling

Milling works:
∙ curve milling of profiles
∙ end cutting work for milling of pockets, slots, cuttings, windows, wells
∙ end works for milling of large surfaces
horizontal or vertical (depending on the working surface position)
∙ gear hobbing work
∙ straight tooth gears
∙ skew gears
∙ steel gears
∙ gears made of stainless and non-ferrous metals
∙ custom gears
∙ internal gears for reducers
∙ sprockets for chain transmissions
Grinding work:
∙ flat grinding
∙ grinding internal surfaces
∙ cylindrical grinding
Drilling of holes and chamfering:
∙ hole making by cutting with a special tool – drill
∙ processing of the hole tops to obtain a cylindrical recess chamfers

Mortising work:
∙ punching of keyways and grooves
Thermal treatment:
∙ tempering up to 900Сº
∙ temper

Coordinate-boring work:
∙ processing of holes with exact coordinates
∙ rough and finish boring of holes
∙ turning of the outer cylindrical surfaces and the ends of holes
∙ drilling
∙ countersinking and reaming
∙ flat milling
∙ thread cutting
Planing work:
∙ planing of horizontal and parallel planes up to 10000 mm long and weighing up to 25 tons
∙ forming of rectilinear grooves or slots
∙ planning of shaped surfaces

Welding work:
∙ semi-automatic arc welding machine
∙ semi-automatic TIG welding machine
∙ manual arc welding
∙ semi-automatic machine
∙ automatic welding
Cladding work:
∙ manual arc electrode coating
∙ semi-automatic, automatic, submerged
∙ deposition may be performed on: flat, cylindrical, conical, spherical and other shaped surfaces in one or more layers.

Metal bending work:
∙ flexible pipes Ø 100
∙ rolling sheet
∙ sheet metal bending
Universal turning center:
∙ diameter max 1600 mm and max length 12000 mm

Products according to the customer’s drawings:

Non-standard products
Body rotation
Spare parts
Metalware products
∙ frame
∙ base housing
∙ traverses
∙ press-stamping
∙ trolley gantry cranes
∙ steel structures
∙ hydraulic cylinders
∙ hydraulic cylinders liners
∙ rods
∙ pistons
∙ crankshafts
∙ columns diameter to 1,5 m and the length to 12 m
∙ forming rolls
∙ rims
∙ couplings
∙ collectors
∙ slides
∙ rollers
∙ cups
∙ gears
∙ sectors
∙ rods
∙ pulleys
∙ fittings
∙ rails
∙ covers
∙ crane
∙ wheels
∙ worm pairs
∙ drums
∙ non-standard bolts
∙ non-standard nuts
∙ non-standard spacer
∙ non-standard pins
∙ non-standard discs
∙ clamps
∙ sprockets
Hydraulic equipment
Material-handling equipment
Equipment complex for transshipment of bulk materials
∙ electro-hydropanels
∙ stations for cooling
∙ blocks
∙ piston rods
∙ pistons
∙ guide rods for cylinders
∙ moreover
∙ guide posts injection molding machines
∙ the locking screws of hydraulic presses
∙ rolls of paper
∙ piping in ferrous
∙ stainless metals and aluminum
∙ flanges
∙ belt transporter
∙ scraper transporter
∙ special transporter
∙ screw transporter
∙ bucket elevators
∙ skips mine
∙ pulleys
∙ hangers
∙ counterweights
∙ stands
∙ kratzer-cranes
∙ winches for replacement of conductors
∙ excavator buckets
∙ stations unloading bulk materials from mineral wagons
∙ hoppers
∙ grains
∙ loading station containers
∙ warehouses for bulk products
∙ marine and river complex for transshipment of bulk materials
∙ crushers
∙ apron feeders and spare parts for them
∙ mills
∙ car dumpers
∙ excavator bucket teeth
∙ weighing funnels
∙ indigenous trees
∙ feeders
∙ nozzles and vacuum chamber gates
∙ screens, conveyors
∙ belt conveyor rollers
∙ drums and tensioners belt conveyors
∙ crushing screening equipment
∙ skip hoists
∙ pallets for the sinter
∙ mixers and pelletizers
∙ trolleys